FEW 2004 Information and Links Page

The Workshop meetings will all take place in 5101 Tolman Hall [compliments of the Institute for Cognitive and Brain Sciences] on the Berkeley campus on May 21, 22, and 23, 2004. The room will be fully tech savvy, with wireless connections available, and all the projection equipment you'll need (either Mac or PC). For a walking tour from the Berkeley BART station to Tolman hall, click here.

The meetings will run from 9am to 8pm on Friday and Saturday, and from 9am to 3pm on Sunday, with various breaks and meals interspersed between the formalism, of course. A detailed schedule is now available.

Lots of information about visiting Berkeley can be found here.

Since parking is limited on the campus, we strongly advise using public transportation. BART runs regularly (between 5am and midnight, around every 20 minutes) from campus to both the Oakland and SFO airports (the Oakland airport is closest to Berkeley), and the cost is minimal. Taxis tend to be more expensive.

Maps of the campus and the city (showing the location of BART next to campus) are available here and here.

There are various hotels not far from the campus (some affiliated with the University and some not). Two good lists are to be found here and here. We advise making reservations soon (it's graduation weekend, so many places are already booked). You might also want to check the downtown YMCA. Paul Teller informs me that they have cheap rooms available for that weekend. Also, here and here are two more lists of nearby hotels. Clark Glymour notifies us that there is space in some of the the Emeryville hotels, which are near Berkeley.

Of course, it goes without saying that there are tons of attractions in Berkeley, San Francisco, and the rest of the Bay Area.

If you have any questions about travel, etc., please contact Branden [branden@fitelson.org].