Annual Formal Epistemology Workshops

We are in the process of organizing the second annual formal epistemology workshop. The purpose of these workshops will be to bring together individuals, both faculty and graduate students, using mathematical methods in epistemology in small focused meetings. Topics treated will include but are not limited to:

Besides papers with respondents, each workshop will typically include short introductory tutorials (three or four topically related presentations) on formal methods. These tutorials will be oriented particularly to graduate students.

The second workshop is scheduled for 26-29 May 2005 and will be held at University of Texas at Austin.

Those interested in participating, either by presenting papers, responding, or providing tutorials, or in helping with organization, should contact one of the organizers listed below.
The deadline for submissions is February 28 . We plan to have the final schedule set sometime in March.

Branden Fitelson
University of California–Berkeley
Department of Philosophy &
Group in Logic & Methodology of Science

Sahotra Sarkar
University of Texas–Austin
Department of Philosophy &
Section of Integrative Biology